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Pocket Reel Emergency Survival Fishing Kit
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Pocket Reel Emergency Survival Fishing Kit

Give yourself the capability and access to a constant food source with this Pocket Reel Emergency Survival Fishing Kit. Lightwieght, compact, waterproof, and reliable, this emergency fishing kit is the perfect addition to your bug out bag or emergency gear stash. Complete with Sunline brand Supernatural Monofilamnet fishing line, it is UV treated with low memory to resist kinks and curling for easier casting and retrieving. Also, included is multiple lures, hooks and a bobber for use with natural bait sources. This emergency fishing and survival tool fits neatly into a pack or any other compact carry device and functions as a plug and play emergency fishing rod and reel. Just remove the ranger band/heavy duty rubber covering the line on the tube, tie on your favorite lure or baited hook and bobber. Put your hand into the lanyard - so the kit doesn't slip out or your hand when casting - place your thumb on the fishing line and make a motion like you are skipping a stone across a pond.When your arm is extended, release your thumb and the line will cast. Hold onto the line and wrap back around the tube to reel in. Almost as simple as using a normal fishing reel. With a few practice casts you can use spinner lures by casting, reeling in, and recasting your line. Perfect for the hiker, camper, adventurist, prepper, Back Country First Responder or anyone else who spends time in the outdoors. Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. This compact survival fishing kit is a must for your emergency gear and bug out bag. 

Pocket Reel Emergency Survival Fishing Kit Features: 

  • Total Size: 5" x 1" 
  • Weight - 2.5 Oz
  • Thick Plastic Design - Exceptionally Durable - Nearly Indestructible
  • Waterproof, Tough and Buoyant
  • 60' Spool of 12 lb test line (Sunline brand Supernatural Monofilament)
  • Addtitional 60' Spool of 12 lb test line (Sunline brand Supernatural Monofilament) included as back-up
  • Lightweight, Compact, Easy to Store
  • All in one micro fishing device

Package Includes: 

  • 4 #8 fishing hooks
  • 4 sinkers
  • 5ml plastic vial for hook/sinker storage
  • knot guide with directions
  • 60' spool of 12lb extra fishing line
  • 60' 12lb fishing line on the kit - 120' total, 60 on the kit and 60 on a spool inside the kit
  • jumbo test tube bottle preform which acts as a storage tube and reel
  • 2 spinner lures
  • bobber 
  • crappie/panfish jig
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